A day without mobile phone essay

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WPS Call for Papers: Last Name, because of using the mobile phones. Commander of his flagship, such that the privileged escape the mental hijacking and everyone else remains subjected to it. I asked Harris whether this risked stratifying tech consumption, i want to receive updates from partners and sponsors. At the same time fathers’ help is required to produce a good citizen for the country and society.

Mobile phones are really very important in out lives that we cannot think our life without them. It is long-range,portable electronic device used for mobile communication. Mobile phones are affordable, easy to use and comfortable. They manage our every task in office or in our home. They are not just the communication medium but also the computation medium. They are equipped with the high-end features and specfications that it really makes us feel great in having them in our hands. They have completely intruded in our lives and are now very close to our hearts.

The mobiles phones have become crucial part of our life. Their importance is They have replaced the wrist watches or our alarm clocks ar home as we can see time in them wherever we are and can even know the time of other countries and set according to it. We can also set the alarms in them. They have become a kind of portable electronic diaries for us. In them we can easily write daily schedules, contacts of friends or clients, appointment, notes and they even remind us of the mimportant events or meetings.

Thus the mobile phones are useful in offices mostly. When you are stressed you can listen to the music from in-built music player. You can entertain yourself while you are on the move as they help in reducing stress levels and frustation. The music player are simple as well as sophisticated because in the latest splendid mobile phones the music players can support audio of different formats such as MP3, AAC, WMA etc and now you do not have to search for the different players.

You can get everything in one mobile handset can also listen to the radio with the perfect sound quality. Various mobile phones are coming with the high resolution megapixel cameras reanging from 1. They are replacing the superb digital cameras and camcorders. They have the features of auto focus, face dettection, flash, image stabilizer, shock resistant and shake free, sensors, resolution modes etc.

Malay student are not use English as a medium to speak. Malaysia use English as a medium to speak. In this era, many people are jobless eventhough they have a degree. We cannot imagine living and communicating without it because we are just really used to it.

We can also text, which is like sending letters in the old days, but text messages are faster to write and you receive them quicker. Of course, there are also some disadvantages, but in my opinion, there are a lot less disadvantages the advantages. We live in a world of matter. The human body itself is a mixture of matter of differing types. The humans who used materials obtained from nature for centuries, later made new materials out of these to suit their needs.

Now the humans have thousand of materials for their use – both natural and human made. The ability that humans acquired to make new materials from natural materials is the basis of human progress. When the structure of the material world and the nature of physical and chemical changes in them were studied, humans were able to make new materials and to control their different properties. The development of chemistry made this progress possible. The contribution of chemistry to fields like, agriculture, industries, health care, food industry, habitat, transport and research has been invaluable. You feel   hungry because of the satiety center in your brain falls short of particular hormones to function and then sends the signal of hunger.

It exists in the most dynamic end of the consumer product industry. It cannot succeed without continuous incremental improvement and without constantly updating its product portfolio. Samsung galaxy S3 is estimated to be only 9 months. Samsung has posted record profits in its most recent financial quarter. Apple but it operates in a marketplace where such things are common. Samsung has an advantage over Apple at present in that it has the infrastructure and dynamic capability to manufacture the components required.

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