Ap world essay rubric

Turning A Four-Ap world essay rubric Rubric Score into A Letter Grade: How Can This Be Done? When using a four-point rubric, such as the one below, a score of three is typically a score that shows students are achieving at an acceptable level. After all, it is the second highest point value on the rubric.

Teachers who need to use letter grades are in a bind. Often the easiest way is to take the score earned on the rubric and turn it into a percentage. Mathematically this is accomplished by dividing the points earned by the number of points possible. This method alone will not give an accurate picture of student achievement. When earning three points on a four-point rubric, a student has performed well. Three out of four points mathematically, though, is only a score of 75 percent.

In many grading systems, the student is now left with an undeserved D. To be fair to students and to calculate a more accurate reflection of student performance, the numbers can be manipulated slightly to achieve a grade that is more indicative of the quality of the product. This student would receive 83 percent as a result of her rubric score if the evaluator changes it into a percent. If that is the desired method, try using one of the options below to determine the letter grade. It might give a fairer picture of achievement. Student earns 10 out of 12 points.

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