Chinese new year celebration essay example

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Please sign up to read full document. Among all the festivals, holidays and traditions all people celebrated during the year, Christmas remains the most observed and most popular. It is purely a global celebration. This season is the most joyous time of the year. The traditions surrounding the celebration of this season are almost as numerous as the people who celebrate it and may change from place to place.

Through the years, the holiday has been adapted to local customs, culture and history and so has produced an amazing variety of Christmas traditions around the world. Christmas celebrations are all about dressing up in style, throwing parties, decorating Christmas trees, eating sweets, exchanging gifts, dancing to the tunes of Christmas carols, rejoicing in the festive spirit, playing games, singing songs and merry making. But, what is the really importance of Christmas celebrations? The significance of Christmas is known to all the people, all over the world. It is celebrated normally on the 25th of December and is a religious holiday.

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In fact, Christmas is celebrated all over the world as the day when Jesus Christ was born, we celebrate his coming into this world, but at the same time Christmas also symbolizes a very deep significant truth of spiritual life. Jesus is recognized as the Son of God and the Savior of the world. Jesus Christ is in reality the personification of Divinity. The birth of Lord Jesus happened at a time when ignorance, greed, superstition, hatred and hypocrisy prevailed on earth. Purity and morality was forgotten and neglected. Christ was born and he actually transformed the lives of people.

He gave a new spiritual turn to people’s lives. Jesus is the real meaning of Christmas, the hope we have in Him, the awesome plan of the Father. The great sacrifice of the son and the love that He has given us. It’s a holiday that many people will celebrate together by giving each other gifts and spent time with family. It is usually celebrated on December 25 each year. Many people around the world will usually celebrate it.

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