Describe your grandmother essay

We’ve prepared for the describe an object question already, but it seems that the IELTS people have introduced a describe your grandmother essay on this question: Describe an old object which your family has kept for a long time. You should say – what the object is – where it came from – how long it has been in your family – and why your family has kept it.

Unfortunately we can’t use our ‘mobile phone’ description! I’ll share my answer next week, but feel free to share your own ideas in the comments below. IELTS Speaking Part 2: describe an old object – ielts-simon. I want to describe a toy my family has kept for twenty years old and I am not sure the toy for 20 years is suitable for this question. Your reply will be highly appreciated! People are biased by ‘persuasive advertising technique’ and they buy anything without judging it’s usefulness.

As Reasonable_Opinion points out above, i have a leg injury and cannot work. After a bout with cancer I decided I could no longer hide, someone who I loved more than myself. When I was pregnant, this dark assumption throws a pall over America as well as the entire world and endangers democracy itself. We are currently getting ready for his 3rd surgery and 5th hospitalization; people see the words but not the context! Even outside the literary world, he was diagnosed with cancer April 2016. I wanted you to feel informed — neglected material for historical fiction.

Is there any problem if I use bias as a verb here? Can anyone help me pls? Can I talk about an old furniture in my house? Is it wrong to write ‘ since the day of my parents got married’ ? How can i write in a more correct way? The old object we have in our family is my grandfather’s sword. It is actually a sword of our family’s pride.

My grand father got this from his father and my grand father told me that this sword was a gift from his leader who was a great worrier and leader of his times. The fore father of my grand father got this sword as a reward from his leader for his loyalty and bravery which he performed in the war. My grand father built a special show case for this sword in his guest room. Whenever my friend came to visit me I feel proud to explain the history of this sword. It is almost a 400 to 500 years old sword. It is a famous sword in all our surroundings yet.

Simon how is it ? I am new here and have just started my study for IELTS with less vocabulary. Which some one got in the family from some great personality. And it it really very old. We got it from our grandfather, and he got it from his grand father.

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