Descriptive essay on stage fright

Silverton’descriptive essay on stage fright Visitor Information Centre located at Beyond 39 Dips. Silverton has hot summer temperatures. Silverton has mild winter temperatures.

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The trip to Silverton from Broken Hill is scenic, taking you through gently rolling hills and typical outback country. But please don’t be too hard on our road the dips have a very important purpose. Each one is a small creek which flows across the road in times of heavy rain. This eventually flows into Umberumberka Reservoir and becomes our water supply.

This water also services Broken Hill, so you see our dips in the road are precious to us. You may also see plenty of wildlife. Kangaroos are fairly abundant, so drive carefully at dawn, dusk and after dark. The Silverton Municipal Chambers building is an important part of our history.

At the rear of the building is a visitor’s rest area which you are invited to use. The area is sheltered and includes picnic tables, story boards depicting some of Silverton’s fascinating history and interesting people, community notice board, public toilets, a map of the Village and Heritage Walking Trail and rain water tanks. Feel free to use the rain water, but please use it wisely and consider the needs of the local community and other travellers. Water is a very precious resource around here! Please note: camping is not permitted in this area or in the Village.

Penrose Park has excellent facilities. The Silverton Common is all the vacant land you see around Silverton starting at the cattle grid and has existed for over 115 years. It was originally much larger than its’ current 12,000 acres. It was established for the keeping of residents milking cows and goats and also for teams of bullocks and donkeys which were regularly used as transport for goods to and from the area. Stock roams freely, so keep an eye on the road while driving! The Common is a Crown Reserve Trust, managed by the Silverton Temporary Common Trust. Fees from keeping stock on the Common are used to maintain fences, cattle yards and watering points.

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