Does television have a negative influence on society essay

Many people believe that television violence has a negative effect on society because it promotes violence. Do you agree or disagree? On the other hand, some people argue that the negative impact of television on society is does television have a negative influence on society essay because people are rational and can distinguish the real world from the imaginary one. However, the television violence does have the negative impact on society because people see violence on the regular basis.

As a result, they grow accustomed to violence and take it for granted. If they see violence on television over and over again they start believing that violence is a norm and comprises an integral part of their life. In fact, people become vulnerable to the impact of television because, if they see violence, for instance, they may grow disturbed about cases of violence occurring in society. Steadily people may grow anxious about their own safety and start expecting violent and aggressive behavior from the part of their social environment. Eventually, they may slip to the aggressive and violent behavior as the means of self-defense and, more important, they steadily learn that the aggressive and violent behavior is a norm since they watch violence on television day after day and there is no effective counteraction to the violence in society. On the other hand, it is possible to argue that people should be reasonable and rational in the perception of the information which they receive from mass media, including television.

Therefore, they should not necessarily behave in the violent way as they watch other people behave on television. Instead, they behave in the rational way and respect social norms, while the violence on television cannot change the existing social norms and values. People are just living according to rules and legal norms that are acceptable within their community. If people are always exposed to the violence on television, they stop perceiving it as something abnormal. In fact, the normal psychological reaction of the average viewer on violence is repulsion.

However, if that viewer watch the violence on television over and over again, it becomes less shocking, until the moment, when the viewer perceives the violence as a norm. The viewer just starts believing that violence is not abnormal but a routine part of social life. Therefore, the viewer starts believing that violence is a plausible means of resolution of any problems fast. In addition, viewers are vulnerable to the impact of violence from the early childhood.

At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that children perceive television in a different way compared to adults. They cannot always distinguish the real world and fiction on television. They cannot clearly say what is good and what is right because their personality and values are just forming. As a result, the exposure of children to violence leads to the development of negative behavioral patterns, such as violence and aggression that influence their social relations and may cause deviant behavior. Thus, the violence on television is dangerous because it has a negative impact on society. Arguments of those, who believe that violence on television does not have negative impact on society, are inconsistent because people cannot always think rationally and perceive the information they receive from television critically.

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Moreover, they learn negative behavioral patterns and become violent and aggressive under the impact of the violence on television. In such a way, the violence on television does have a negative impact on people, their behavior and social relations. Write my Essay by ESSAY. Ideas can behave in societies like viruses in the body.

This is the story of the most successful mind virus of all time. The voice which I heard out of the sky, I heard it again speaking to me, saying: Go, take the open book-roll in the hand of the angel who stands upon the sea and the land. I went toward the angel, bidding him to give me the book. And he said to me: Take it and eat it, and it will make your stomach bitter, but in your mouth, it will be sweet as honey. Richmond Lattimore translation of the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, is an excellent analogy to the effects that a major meme complex can have on the soul.

A meme is an idea that behaves in society like a virus does in a body. Political or sexual jokes, for example, can behave like memes, they start with one person, are retold time and again, and end up travelling around the world, as they’re told and retold, and in so doing, they behave like viruses. Like viruses, memes can be benign like many physical viruses, or they can be pathological, producing illness, just as do many physical viruses. Like physical viruses, they can be only modestly infective, or they can be highly virulent.

The whole range of behaviors that are seen in physical viruses can be seen to have analogies in memes. This essay is the story of the most successful meme complex of all time, how it infects, why it is virulent, and the effects it has had on culture and society. We’ll start by saying that the meme we are going to study is actually a complex of memes, hundreds of them, which have been packaged together and infect their hosts together. Some of the memes in this complex even prepare the host for the entry and infection of other memes in the complex, being extinquished themselves in the process. The intricacy of the meme complex in our example is truly remarkable in its evolutionary success, its extreme virulence and infectivity, and the wide range of behaviors it controls.

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