Essay on public transport vs private transport

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Please sign up to read full document. Nowadays, many kinds of public transport can be seen on the road, even though people drive their own car. It is usually on time and economical. Firstly, one of the advantages is that using public transport is very economical. Taking buses and trains is cheaper than using private cars. If people have their own car, they have to pay a lot of money for service, repairs, and insurance. It maybe will cost all the money people earn.

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Moreover, there are many discounts for some individuals, like students, old people, and children. They can get cheaper prices by taking public transport. Students have to go to school almost every day, and they usually take public transport to school and home. It is more economical for students. In addition, a further advantage is that using public transport can preserve the environment. It can reduce pollution, because there are less cars driving on the road, and there are fewer fumes and also less traffic jams. Furthermore, it can increase the spaces in the city, because there are less cars parking.

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