Essay on sky is the limit

Australian musical group named “Sky”. The three musicians became friends, kept essay on sky is the limit touch and continued working together on various projects during the 1970s. Williams and Flowers to set up Sky, their own long-term cross-genre band.

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Fry and Monkman were swiftly recruited, with Kevin Peek being the final addition. John Williams in the line-up was regarded as the band’s biggest selling point and was emphasised in publicity. However, this selling was counterbalanced by some negative reviews from critics accustomed to Williams’ classical performances, who remained unimpressed by his new direction with Sky. The album featured versions of Eric Satie’s “Gymnopedie No. Danza”, as well as original compositions by Monkman and Flowers. This was a double album that built upon its predecessor’s success, becoming the tenth highest selling album in Britain that year.

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