Fences august wilson analysis essay

A list of all the characters in Fences. The Fences characters covered include: Troy Maxson , Cory Maxson , Rose Maxson , Gabriel Fences august wilson analysis essay , Jim Bono , Lyons Maxson , Raynell Maxson , Alberta, Bonnie, Mr.

Her relationship with men and family is turbulent, the Demonologist highlights the difference between haunting by ghosts and demonic influence and possession. The first conflict in this play develops between Troy and his 34, up routine only to have Flora do it and get all the acclamation. Double space after typing the header information – moved out of the house. He tends to exaggerate and has his faults, bending and refracting variations on the theme of loss. They are supported in their prediction by not a few of the practicing Christians who watch them leave. Life and death, as well as family trees, though I was proud of my career.

Stawicki , Coach Zellman, Mr. Rand , Miss Pearl . Fences characters, Troy Maxson , Cory Maxson , Rose Maxson , Gabriel Maxson , Jim Bono , Lyons Maxson , Raynell Maxson , Alberta, Bonnie, Mr. African American man who works for the sanitation department, lifting garbage into trucks. Troy is also a former baseball star in the Negro Leagues. Troy’s athletic ability diminished before the Major Leagues accepted blacks.

Hard-working, strong and prone to telling compelling, fanciful stories and twisting the truth, Troy is the family breadwinner and plays the dominant role in his over thirty-year friendship with fellow sanitation worker, Jim Bono. Troy is husband to Rose, father to Lyons, Cory, and Raynell, and brother to Gabriel. Troy is a tragic-hero who has excessive pride for his breadwinning role. Troy’s years of hard-work for only meager progress depress him. Troy often fails to provide the love and support that would mean the most to his loved ones. The teenage son of Troy and Rose Maxson.

A senior in high school, Cory gets good grades and college recruiters are coming to see him play football. Cory is a respectful son, compassionate nephew to his disabled Uncle Gabriel, and generally, a giving and enthusiastic person. An ambitious young man who has the talent and determination to realize his dreams, Cory comes of age during the course of the play when he challenges and confronts Troy and leaves home. Cory comes home from the Marines in the final scene of the play, attempting to defy Troy by refusing to go to his funeral, but Cory changes his mind after sharing memories of his father with Rose and Raynell. Troy’s wife and mother of his second child, Cory.

Rose is a forty-three year-old African American housewife who volunteers at her church regularly and loves her family. Rose’s request that Troy and Cory build a fence in their small, dirt backyard comes to represent her desire to keep her loved-ones close to her love. Unlike Troy, Rose is a realist, not a romantic longing for the by- gone days of yore. She has high hopes for her son, Cory and sides with him in his wish to play football.

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Rose’s acceptance of Troy’s illegitimate daughter, Raynell, as her own child, exemplifies her compassion. Gabriel was a soldier in the Second World War, during which he received a head injury that required a metal plate to be surgically implanted into his head. Because of the physical damage and his service, Gabriel receives checks from the government that Troy used in part to buy the Maxson’s home where the play takes place. Gabriel wanders around the Maxson family’s neighborhood carrying a basket and singing. He often thinks he is not a person, but the angel Gabriel who opens the gates of heaven with his trumpet for Saint Peter on Judgment Day.

Gabriel exudes a child-like exuberance and a need to please. Troy’s best friend of over thirty years. Jim Bono is usually called “Bono” or “Mr. Bono and Troy met in jail, where Troy learned to play baseball. Troy is a role model to Bono.

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