Genetically engineered food essay

Business Essays: Chipotle: Mexican Grill, Inc. Case Study 8: Chipotle: Mexican Grill, Inc. The analysis will concentrate on expanding Chipotle’s target market segment internationally. The case study will include a SWOT analysis, a discussion of Porter’genetically engineered food essay Five Forces, and shall focus on the benefits of having an international strategy, while discussing the cooperative strategies utilized in the expansion process, along with the importance of corporate governance.

Organic cultivation, naturally produced and raise meat. Speed and effectiveness of multi-skilled crew members. Cooperative marketing was also part of the strategy by sponsoring, with other firms various festivals that drew over 300,000 millennials. An analysis of Chipotle’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are needed to determine a successful solution. Limited menu items may drive some to competition. Fluctuating consumer demand based on the economy and technology. A brief review of Porter’s Five Forces affects Chipotle’s success.

Competition among rivals’ is moderate to low due to Chipotle’s differentiation strategy. The threat of new entrants is low due to brand loyalty developed over time. Power among buyers is low as there are few buyers and increasing consumer demand. Considering the SWOT analysis of Chipotle, along with Porter’s Five Forces, it is easy to see why Chipotle’s differentiation strategy of utilizing unique ingredients, meals and a unique dining experience is proving successful. The subsidiary created was a way to use operational relatedness to increase diversity while utilizing resource similarities. A resource similarity is the extent to which the firm’s resources are comparable to a competitor.

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Divesting is a way to increase performance by refocusing on the core focus. Using the target market and core competencies, Chipotle decided to expand into the international market. The expansion allowed Chipotle to increase the market size, by taking advantage of the increasing trend of consuming natural organic foods. Another benefit of international expansion is Chipotle was able to use resource and knowledge sharing that created synergy with others to develop economies of scale. Chipotle utilized its processes for producing, distributing, selling, Etc. Expanding internationally also allowed Chipotle to take advantage of certain location advantages that include, reduce costs in labor and access to additional natural organic suppliers. Chipotle has been able to create strong partnerships with reliable food suppliers.

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