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Structural Designs of Gothic Churches and Cathedrals. The place to learn your Naves from your Buttresses! How to construct an essay and Technique as well as Art Periods and Styles. Send Us a Message – Your Thoughts or Questions are Always Welcome!

Add a link from this page to your Bookmarks or Favorites! Earthlore Gothic Architecture: Arcade at Church of Saint Maggiore, Italy. The true architrave has its origin in Classical architecture where it rests directly upon the supports of an entablature forming its base or primary support. Earthlore Gothic Architecture: Depiction of Archivolt. The term “archivolt” is, however, rarely used of these mediæval moldings. Earthlore Gothic Architecture: South transept tower rising over the crossing of Canterbury cathedral, England. Image at right: The South transept tower rising over the crossing of Canterbury cathedral, England.

Chapel at Cambridge and Windsor Castle. Right angled support beams projecting from wall tops to brace wooden roofs via vertical extensions known as hammerposts. Earthlore Gothic Architecture: Jamb Statuary within the West portal at Rheims cathedral, France. Image at right: Jamb Statuary within the West portal at Rheims cathedral, France. A tall, narrow, lance-like, window terminating in a pointed apex. An extending architectural feature with multiple windows.

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Also, more specifically, the uppermost, illuminated, portion of a tower. A vault constructed of intersecting ribs which give the impression of a web or net. A circular or eye shaped opening such as set in the center of a domed roof or utilized as a window. A ceilinged structure bordered and supported by columned masonry. Earthlore Gothic Architecture: Quadripartite rib vault of nave at St-Denis, Paris.

A combination of decorative minor-ribs set in the peak of a vault which form a star-like formation. The horizontal division of a window constructed of wood or stone. The use of ribs or arches to span the primary axis of an open area. A transverse arch reinforces the vault while emphasizing the visual sense of interior space. A vaulted gallery which forms or covers the ceiling of an aisle. Earthlore Gothic Architecture: West portal tympanum, Notre Dame de Chartres.

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The section atop the Lintel of a portal or doorway, commonly recessed, enclosed by an arch, often featuring significant sculpture work. Image at right: Tympanum within the west portal of Notre Dame de Chartres, France. The daring innovations applied to vaulting during the medieval periodremain one of defining characteristics of Gothic style. Through the utilization of sharply arched roofs of stone supported by ribbed masonry Gothic structures stand in elegant contrast to more solid edifices of preceding centuries. Alleviating weight from the main walls, through ribbed vaulting, allowed for a vertical structural emphasis that provided an individual experience of being drawn upwards and “heavenward.

The initial use of arched vaulting was limited to small architectural components such as tombs and reliquary cells where the shape was employed for its symbolic value. As church and cathedral construction advanced prolifically through the twelfth century arch-shaped roofs redefined skylines throughout Europe and the British Isles. From the thirteenth through sixteenth centuries a varied array of vaulting styles evolved including complex forms implemented solely for decorative purposes. A ceiling of curved wooden beams which often intersect forming intricate designs. Lancet style possesses the most exquisite loveliness of any style of architecture whatever. Earthlore Gothic Architecture: The Presbytery at Ely Cathedral.

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