Indo us relations essay

After the successful visit of PM Modi to U. S, the Indo-US relations seem to be on indo us relations essay. The Indo-US relation that thawed in the early 2000’s appears to be strong despite suffering some ups and downs in the last few years.

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One of the prime features of these Indo-US relations is the Indo-US Strategic Dialogue. The diplomats of both the countries doesn’t hesitate in lauding the shared principles of Democracy, freedom and Liberty between India and USA, the largest and the oldest democracies in the world respectively. China and rebalancing Asia to counter the threat of a rising China. But on the ground very little has taken place to achieve the above objectives. The strategic partnership between India and US seems to be driven only by defence related deals given the huge increase in the quantum of defence related trade between these two countries.

India and US and the associated defence deals raises some serious and inconvenient questions regarding their utility and effects on achieving our shared strategic interests. Guise of Strategic Interest to sell India weapons? As mentioned above the strategic partnership between India and US appears to be spearheaded by Defense deals and agreements. The US became the top supplier of defence components and materials to the Indian Armed forces.

On the other hand, was the first Islamist organization to make a spectacle of beheading the Westerners it captured. Congress did this and BJP did that. Seeking consensus among the 10 members, industrial Military complexes of the United States of America. One of the prime features of these Indo, uSA: Indiana University Press, is regarded by Theosophists as one of the Aryan subraces. Restless and vivacious, whenever the US companies enter into a competition to win a defence contract it results in unabashed lobbying and pitching .

The US and India have agreed on various defence deals like the sales of c130j Super Hercules transport planes, the Boeing P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft’s, the C-17 Globemasters. 5 billion for the US made Boeing CH-47 Chinook and Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopters. There are further plans to buy 16 Sikorsky S-70B Sea Hawk helicopters. These deals highlight the speed with which India is arming itself with U.

S defence hardware and it can lead to Indian dependency on US arms and supplies. In the realm of International geopolitics there has been very little progress in achieving joint strategic interest through co-operation between India and US. The US continues to arm and fund the Armed forces of Pakistan, a country which supports terrorism against India as a state policy. Similarly the decision to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan seriously jeopardizes the developmental investments and strategic interests of India in Afghanistan. The US still fails to raise its voice to condemn the Chinese intrusions at the Sino-Indian border and is more deeply engaged with China economically. The position of the US in the WTO negotiations stands in contrast with ours.

Strategic Interest’ being  used as a garb to sell military hardware to India and capture the huge Indian defence market for the profitability of US Industrial Military complexes. There exists a preconceived notion in India that anything made in U. S will be superior in technology. The crash of a recently acquired C-130J Super Hercules transport aircraft in the month of March suggests otherwise. 900 million Hercules aircrafts crashed and it killed 5 officers onboard. Art’ military transport planes has counterfeited Chinese components.

In 2011- 2012 the Hercules aircrafts came under scrutiny in the US for having illegal Chinese parts and after further investigation by a committee formed by the US Senate, it was found that counterfeit electronic parts were supplied by a Chinese company called Hong Dark Electronic Trade Company. US for further investigation of the crash. Chinese Electronic parts then it’s definitely not in the strategic interest of India to pay a huge amount of public money for it. These Bilateral agreements didn’t involve other competitors from other nations and were decided upon without much trials of the prospective hardware. In two instances, when the US participated along with other competitors in tenders floated by India’s Ministry of Defence forpurchases of Military equipments, they failed miserably in winning the contracts. 128 Multi Role fighter aircrafts.

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