Life in 2030 essay

Photographer Stephanie Sinclair captures the faces and voices life in 2030 essay girls who are forced to wed far too young. This story was originally published on September 18, 2015. India alone accounts for one third of all child marriages, according to UNICEF.

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Child marriage robs girls of the opportunity to finish their education, and girls who are forced to have children too early are more likely to die during childbirth or suffer serious complications. Girls forced to wed too young are also vulnerable to sexual abuse and domestic violence. Photographer Stephanie Sinclair has dedicated more than a decade of her life to capturing the faces and voices of these child brides. Over the past 13 years, her work has taken her to places as diverse as India, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Yemen, Nepal, and Ethiopia. Sinclair spoke to Refinery29 from her home in New York’s Hudson Valley. Why did you feel documenting child marriage was such an important project to undertake?

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I started this project in 2003. Previously, I was a conflict photographer, and I was covering child marriage while I was working in Afghanistan. When I went to the hospital to talk to the survivors, I learned that they had been married at very young ages. I felt that I had to make sure that if I was going to cover something so intense, like these suicide attempts, I had to look at the reasons behind them. It wasn’t the only reason, but being married very young was a sort of primary common denominator.

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