Man and technology essay

There’s a lot of banter going on right man and technology essay about a new study that suggests automated essay graders can be as effective as humans. Ben Herold explores how technology is shaping teaching and learning and the management of schools. Join the discussion as he analyzes the latest developments. Thursday, prompting a rapid string of comments from readers who, it’s fair to say, are quite invested—positively or negatively—in the concept.

He plans follow-up pieces on how automated grading would reshape assessment and reshape teaching. Anything that proposes humans could be replaced by machines is bound to draw attention, and transform from a technology issue to a labor issue. But it’s less clear what the real impact would be. Would it merely encourage students to write more directly, and with a greater focus on organization, for the sake of a computer evaluator that prioritizes essay structure, or would some students abuse the system and be able to write work that is rigidly organized and grammatically flawless, but makes no actual sense? Perhaps someone should write a five-paragraph essay explaining it. Or, you know, a news story.

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