Miracles of nature essay

Modern materialism teaches, like Plato, that only ideas are real. By contrast, Christians hold miracles possible because we believe matter is real. Plato realized that the intelligible is immaterial by identifying a miracles of nature essay difference between the intelligible and the material.

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The intelligible is universal, while the material is particular. Plato proposed that there is a real world of universals or concepts, while what is material must be a mere reflection of reality. According to Plato, human intellectual knowledge is the recollection of prior knowledge of the real world of universals, occasioned by sensual experience. According to Aristotle, there is no Platonic real world of concepts. Materiality is an existential principle enabling the very existence of a universal nature in an individual composite consisting of substantial form and matter. Thereby, the material entity itself is intelligible in its form and possesses the medley of particular properties in its individuality due to its materiality. A dog, of its very nature, is material and can only exist due to its particular materiality.

According to Aristotle, all of human knowledge begins in one’s animal sensations. However, the human mind has the ability to abstract the intelligible principle from the sensual phantasm, such that the universal principle exists as a concept in the human mind. Now one might think that today a Platonic real world of universal concepts, existing in itself, would be summarily dismissed as preposterous. Isn’t science viewed as the nitty-gritty of materiality, the only true human knowledge? Isn’t the predominant philosophy materialism, the belief that only the material exists? Ironically today’s materialism actually declares what really exists are the purely mathematical relationships or laws of physics, where what is material merely obeys these laws. In this possible universe, an elementary particle is identical to its spatial locus at rest or the trail of its loci, if in motion.

Thus, in this universe of pure materialism, not only are space and time solely intellectual concepts, but matter as the elementary particle is solely a mathematical concept. For Plato, matter was matter. For Sean Carroll, even matter is a concept. Sean Carroll that is void of anything but concepts. The universe in which we live consists solely of concepts. According to Carroll, what fundamentally exists in our universe are elementary particles in motion obeying the laws of physics of a non-Newtonian space and time.

But are these elementary particles material? It is not only some avowed scientific materialists who de facto believe that our universe is solely conceptual, a non-material, Platonic reality. Every one of us flirts with a conceptual view of materiality when we refer to the Laws of Physics. Aristotle observed that the human mind has the ability to abstract the nature or substantial form of a material entity from a sensual phantasm of it. Analogously, the human mind infers mathematical relationships from the measurements of the properties of material entities. Because measurements are material activities, dependent upon the properties being measured, it should be evident that the mathematical relationships are human expressions of relationships inherent in the natures of the material entities. When we refer to these mathematical relationships as scientific laws or the Laws of Physics, we come very close to yielding to the false connotation that the laws of physics are external to, and independent of, the natures of material entities.

It is as if material things were being manipulated by external forces. It is as if the forces are sufficient in their own conceptual existence and are outside of the material natures being manipulated. To counteract this false connotation, we should appreciate the fact that the properties of material entities are an expression of their very natures. Consequently, the laws of physics arise from within. However, the nature of a thing does not consist in the sum of its properties. If it did, our metaphysical natures would change as we matured from our youth.

Even clipping one’s fingernails would result in a change of nature, if nature was the sum of one’s properties. That the laws of physics and the other sciences arise from within the nature of an entity, provides a perspective for understanding miracles and the glorified body of Christ after his resurrection. We often may view a miracle as outside of, or in suspension of, the laws of science. It is almost as if a miracle were a contradiction of the natures of material things. This comes very close to viewing a miracle as a self-contradiction. However, we know that God cannot contradict Himself or create a material contradiction.

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