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This article belongs to a different issue. Please open source issue for full navigation. Toula and Ian’s relationship relate to a lot of theories studied in class. One aspect of the social homogony theory states that my big fat greek wedding essay is attracted to another based off similarities in age, education levels, and socio-economic backgrounds.

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Ian and Toula’s age is certainly a factor that affected their attraction to one another for the reason that it positively affected their ability to relate to each other. We also see the complimentary needs theory in their relationship. At the beginning of the film Toula is shown as an introvert whereas Ian is more of an extrovert, this eventually stimulates Toula’s attraction to Ian. In addition to the complimentary needs theory, we see that the propinquity theory played a major role in the initiation of their relationship.

The theory states that people are more likely to meet and know people who are physically nearby, similarly Ian and Toula both live in Chicago and Ian was a customer of her restaurant which accelerated their relationship. Toula and Ian as a couple deal with conflict in a controlled manner. Never in the film do we see Toula or Ian’s temper take control of a situation that’s affecting their relationship. Ian and Toula work together as a couple to resolve conflicts that interfere with their relationship. Temperment, Attitudes and Values, Needs, Roles, and Habits are a factor in attraction. Both Ian and Toula share passive temperament which ultimately makes their relationship healthy.

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This is shown during their first date when Toula says to Ian that she doesn’t think things will work out because of her family. Ian replies saying that he is willing to do whatever it takes to be with her. Toula’s family is a large pattern of social homogeny, which is why her parents did not approve Ian at first. At first Toula’s parents use the authoritarian method of parenting but later in the film change into the authoritative style.

Through a major portion of the film we see that Toula’s parents nurturing actually contrast one another. Where Toula’s father is demanding and tough her mother is understanding and lenient. Before change occurs in both their parenting styles Toula’s father embodied the authoritarian style of parenting, and Toula’s mother exemplified the authoritative method of parenting. An example of this contrast is when Toula’s mother permits her to go to school and in due course work as a receptionist for her cousin. From these events, Toula’s father becomes stressed and eventually adopts a sexist identity saying that women should never have an education.

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