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Describe your favourite my favourite profession teacher essay in your country. You should say – when that season is – what the weather is like at that time of year – how that season is different from other seasons – and why it is your favourite season. Here’s my sample answer: My favourite season in England is winter. A typical English winter would last around 4 or 5 months between November and March, but when I say that I like the winter, I’m really thinking about the coldest month or two each year.

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IELTS Speaking Part 2: favourite season – ielts-simon. My favourite season in England is winter. During those really wintry months, the temperature drops below zero and it often snows. Over the last few years we’ve had periods of quite heavy snowfall, to the extent that roads have been blocked and schools have had to close. Last winter I remember looking out of the window one morning and seeing everything covered in a layer of white. The reason I’ve chosen winter as my favourite season is because I like the snow.

I live near the countryside, and the landscape looks beautiful when everything is covered in white. We also celebrate Christmas and New Year in the winter, and these are my favourite festivals. Simon is it easy a recabilation in speaking? Hi Katrerina what do you mean by recabilation . I searched it but I couldn’t’ find any synonym.

I think it is typo. I just want to come and write some comments to thank you. I simply studied your lessons for all parts of the test and results have been released today. In particular I benefited greatly from your speaking lessons which I got a band 8. Again THANKS A MIILION for your extremely useful lessons, wish you all the best.

I want to say thank you a thousand times. I have passed my exam on my eighth trail. The process is a torture, but worthwhile. I have done everything that you advice and finally achieve my goal. Wish everyone good luck and work hard to achieve their goals too.

I’m glad my lessons helped. Katerina, can you explain what you mean? You used a word that doesn’t exist. Here is my description and hope you can find some good ideas to talk about the summer.

Let me talk about the summer, which is my favorite season. Although summertime temperatures here in California can easily be over 40 degrees Celsius, I still quite enjoy it as this is the time of the year when all outdoor activities are available and open to the public. Besides being hot, it tends to be quite dry and it rarely rains. In fact, we’ve had summers when we didn’t get even a drop of rain. Summer in California is very different from all other seasons. The hot and sunny days are clearly what differentiates the summer from the rest.

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