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Ehrenreich arrives in Minnesota, hoping to find there a slightly more comfortable environment than what she has so far experienced. It’s a liberal state, with clean air, friendly people, and affordable housing. I’m psyched for a change. As it turns out, a few of Ehrenreich’s answers require further discussion. After scheduling a drug test—which presents a major problem for Ehrenreich, since she has marijuana in her system, from a one-off downtime puff—the journalist heads off to look for more jobs. The issue of the drug test is a source of great anxiety.

I believe I have to offer—friendliness, reliability, willingness to learn—can all be trumped by my pee. So she decides to detox—or at least to try to. She establishes a program, whereby she drinks water at all times, along with regular diuretic doses, and avoids salt. Caroline’s situation was even more precarious, we learn: she had two children to take care of.

How did she do it? She found a church as soon as she arrived in Orlando, thereby found a school for her twelve year-old and day care for her baby, got a job cleaning hotel rooms, and made friends. Ehrenreich shuffles off to her drug tests—the one for Wal-Mart conducted at a nearby chiropractor’s office, the one for Menards conducted in an allopathic hospital in the suburbs. I suspect it was the misplaced hypocrisy. Meanwhile, housing is becoming a real problem.

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Ehrenreich passes her drug tests, and is told by Menards and Wal-Mart to show up for orientation. 10 an hour—an incredible amount. ID cards, spelling their names with punch-out letters—and by the time Ehrenreich drives herself all the way home, she is spent. 10 an hour after all, and that she will not be receiving overtime. Fed up, Ehrenreich reneges—and so Wal-Mart it is.

Ehrenreich reflects on how she wound up in this crutch, unable to bargain her way up. Ehrenreich moves, gets her motel—the Clearview, which she likens to the worst motel in the world. This, in short, means she deals with clothes—rearranging them, returning misplaced or returned items to their proper racks, zoning individual shirts or dresses. It seems absurdly easy work at first, but quickly proves a challenge, with the cartloads of clothes that must be reckoned with on a minute-by-minute basis. Ehrenreich is overwhelmed by the generosity of this simple gesture. That may be an example of the workplace inspiring the best in people.

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