One rainy day essay

By Azra Ahmad: 738 Words. Home is the home of happiness, ecstasy, rest and security. It is the one rainy day essay where we open our eye to see the world. So from very beginning of childhood it sets in our mind as safest place in the world.

God is greatly created all animal to make its home. It may be hole of rat, burrow of small animals, den of lion or highly sophisticated home of human beings. It gives the equal sense to the respective inhabitant. Home is also become a status symbol of social and economical strength.

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In old days girl’s marriage were used to confirmed by elders on the basis of home possession of the becoming groom. Architectures are continuously doing research to dish up new design of home to the customers. After a journey we feel tremendous relief in our home. Home is the centre of our all life activities. Many says that if anybody has a home then he can earn   fooding and lodging and can achieve success in his life. I am fortunate to have a beautiful home. Its layout design is so nice that its all rooms get light and air sufficiently.

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