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Making up for lost time and missed opportunities, one adventure at a time. I wonder what kind of state this place will be in, in five years,” I said pessimistically as I wandered through the quiet neighborhood streets photo essay about friendship the Lanterman Developmental Center in Pomona, a notoriously haunted place that officially announced its closure in 2010 but won’t be totally vacated until the end of this year. It moved to its current location in Pomona in 1927.

The Colony was renamed the Pacific State Hospital in 1953, when a shift in understanding about disabilities meant that disabled residents were newly considered “patients. These days, another shift and few new definitions later, disabilities are now seen as “special needs,” and Lanterman refers to its residents as “clients. Lanterman’s announced closure in 2010 was heavily opposed by many advocates, parents and family members of its residents, despite its troubled and storied past. During its normal operations, the care facility was heavily criticized for resident injuries and even deaths – some as a result of abuse, others neglect, others under more suspicious circumstances, many not reported. One man was slain, his killer never found. Walking through the campus on New Year’s Day, I could just feel vandals biding their time, waiting for the site to be completely abandoned before coming in and breaking windows, tagging walls, and setting fires. I’m sure ghost-hunters are chomping at the bit.

For now, it’s just peaceful and quiet. It hasn’t yet become derelict. Some of the buildings are a bit shabby, but nothing is exactly languishing. In fact, most of the grounds still look cared-for: the roses still in bloom, the lawns manicured and fertilized, the gates closed and the doors locked.

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Some haven’t been in use in a long time. 1960s, when its population reached nearly 3000. You have to look for the decay – like the flower boxes falling off their widow sills – but it is there. But there are flowers still, and there is whimsy. There are plenty of recreational areas, though perhaps no longer being used.

Lanterman Developmental Center must complete its closure and full vacancy by December 31, 2014. It’s not abandoned yet, but it will be. What will become of this sprawling state property and its 120 buildings? Will it be fenced off, or left open for runners and dog-walkers and bicyclists? Will the reported hauntings worsen, those who have passed increasingly stirring in their unrest? What will be built in its place?

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