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While it was completed in 1870, Newman revealed to friends that it took him 20 years to write the book. As a result, it is inappropriate to judge the validity of assent in concrete presence of mind essay by conventional logical standards because paper logic is unequal to the task. Logic is loose at both ends,” he said, meaning that the process of logic initially depends on restrictive assumptions and is thus unable to fit its conclusions neatly into real world situations.

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Newman was concerned with defending faith as a legitimate product of rational human activity—that assent is not contrary to human nature. Newman, were the primary Empiricists that Newman was engaged with philosophically. The first is entitled “Assent and Apprehension”, which deals with believing what one does not understand. The second is entitled “Assent and Inference” and it addresses the issue of believing what cannot be absolutely proven. The first part discussed the relationship between assent and apprehension—what level of intelligent appropriation of a teaching is necessary to believe in that teaching. This section ultimately turns on a distinction between apprehension and understanding. Newman’s view was that one can believe as long as one apprehends, even if one does not understand.

Apprehension, according to Newman, is simply an “intelligent acceptance of the idea or of the fact which a proposition enunciates. The key difference between assent and inference is that assent is unconditional and inference is conditional, i. For Newman, inference described a proposition that is intrinsically dependent on other propositions. For instance, the statement, “Therefore, the car is red,” is clearly dependent on antecedent propositions for its meaning and those propositions would need to be disclosed before one could meaningfully assent. This is an inferential statement as opposed to “The car in front of the house is red,” which is an assertion that can be assented to because it can stand on its own.

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There are three types of inferences: formal, informal and natural. For Newman, to make logic work, human thought has to be trimmed to very specific and narrow meanings such that logical statements then lose real world applicability. In informal inference one reaches a conclusion by considering the accumulation of converging antecedent probabilities. Natural inference is when the individual, in a simple and whole process, grasps the antecedent conditions and conclusions instantaneously.

For instance, if one sees smoke, one may instantly infer the presence of fire. Natural inference, in Newman’s view, is related to experience or innate ability. Newman introduces the concept of the Illative Sense. It is the faculty of the human mind that closes the logic-gap in concrete situations and thus allowing for assent. However, Newman maintained that in concrete life formal incontrovertible proof in favour of a decision is not possible—the best one can achieve is converging probabilities in favour of a conclusion. Thus, to close that gap between converging probabilities and full assent, one needs the aid of the Illative Sense to attain certitude in specific situations. Newman recognised that there are dangers associated with using the Illative Sense.

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