Registered nurse job description essay

How to Create, Examples, and What is it? Registered nurse job description essay nursing students and nurses create a nursing portfolio to help them keep track of their professional goals, accomplishments, competencies, and skills.

What is a nursing portfolio? How to create a nursing portfolio? Documentation to include in your nursing portfolio. For example, an artist creates a portfolio to show their work and accomplishments to future clients. When trying to wrap your mind around a nursing portfolio, think of it as a scrapbook that contains everything you have done up to that current moment in your nursing career. A resume is a piece of paper that shows the employer a summary of the nurse’s education, other job experiences, references, and certifications. The portfolio is the supporting documentation of that information.

How to Create a Nursing Portfolio? Most nursing schools require nursing students to create a nursing portfolio. This is a great way to help the new nurse get started with creating their portfolio. However, some nurses have never created one. Remember that if you are a new nurse your portfolio will not be as in depth when compared to a nurse who has been in the field for several years. Before you start creating your nursing portfolio you need to compile supporting documents.

There is no right or wrong way to compile your supporting documents. Also, keep in mind that you need to include information that highlights your competencies, educational achievements, and skills. Below are suggested documents to include in your portfolio. What type of information is included in a Nurse Portfolio?

An outline of your plan for professional development with supporting documentation of activities and learning outcomes. Once you have compiled all of the proper paperwork you need for your nursing portfolio you need to place it into a three ring binder. It is good practice to place the resume at the beginning of the portfolio because this has your name and contact information on it. Try to organize your documentation in chronological order, if possible. For example, organize in-services based on the date they were completed and so on. However, there is no correct way on how to organize your documentation. Try to organize it in a way that will make sense to the reader.

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