Restorative vs retributive justice essay

Free Restorative Justice papers, essays, and research papers. Agreeing on a definition of restorative justice has proved difficult. One definition is a theory of justice that focuses mostly on repairing restorative vs retributive justice essay harm caused by criminal behaviour.

The reparation is done through a cooperative process that includes all the stakeholders. Restorative justice can also be explained as an approach of justice that aims to satisfy the needs of the victims and offenders, as well as the entire community. The most broadly accepted definition for restorative justice, however, is a process whereby all the parties that have a stake in a specific offence collectively resolve on how to deal with the aftermath. Is Restorative Justice More Appropriate in Dealing With Young Offenders Than Conventional Criminal Justice? This essay aims to make clear the system of restorative justice and its aims towards youth offending, whilst arguing points for and against the current system and whether or not it is more appropriate in terms of dealing with youth offending.

It will also define restorative justice as well as defining what is meant by conventional justice. Making clear how and why these two systems came to be a part of youth justice whilst concluding as to which if either is more appropriate in dealing with youth offending behaviour. Just Schools: a whole school approach to Restorative Justice is a practical handbook that presents a whole school approach to repairing harm using a variety of means including peer mediation, circles, and restorative conferencing. The main argument is that when harmful behavior or conflict occurs the emphasis should be on repairing the damage caused to the relationship and on finding mutually acceptable ways forward. How would a conservative reply to a proposal for restorative justice. How would a restorative justice advocate respond to a conservative proposal for more prisons. Instead of imposing harsh penalties on offenders like long prison sentences or even the death penalty, restorative justice calls for a more rehabilitative approach, such as reconciliation and offender assistance.

Alternatives to incarceration known as restorative justice has existed for centuries, yet has only been recently implicated into the Canadian judicial system. The practices of restorative justice have been proven very successful for minor offences among adults and youth in bringing together the offenders, victims, and the community. Restorative justice is an innovative approach to the criminal justice system that focuses on repairing the harm caused by crimes committed. Fear follows crime and is its punishment.

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