Ruins of a great house essay

The house burned on August 22, 1913, shortly before the Londons were planning to move in. London described his ideal “dream house”. He wrote that “Utility and beauty must be indissolubly wedded” and said the house must be “honest in ruins of a great house essay, material and appearance”.

He described modern bathrooms, spacious and well-appointed servant’s quarters, easy cleaning and maintenance, good ventilation and ample fireplaces. He predicted that he would build his dream house in seven to ten years. About one third was cultivated, and two thirds was wooded hillsides. He called the property “Wonder Ranch”. In response to London’s wish for modern amenities, Farr’s plans included a water heater, electric lighting, refrigeration, a built-in vacuum cleaning system, laundry facilities including a “steam dryer rotary wringer”, and a wine cellar. London and Farr incorporated great strength and durability into the design of the structure. Southern California and one of the great lodges of the Adirondack mountains”.

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26 rooms and nine fireplaces. Construction began late in 1910 as stones were blasted and trees cut. Construction of Wolf House was almost complete and the Londons were planning to move in when a fire began late on the night of August 22, 1913. The fire spread rapidly and gutted the interior of the house, although the massive masonry walls remained standing. The red tile roof collapsed into the interior.

Although arson was suspected, no strong evidence was ever discovered. The fire had a profound effect on those most involved in the project. Jack’s sister Eliza wept that night. Charmian London later wrote that Eliza was “scarred to her soul” and that the foreman Forni was “like a father who had lost his child, and in danger of losing his reason”. His wife also wrote that “the razing of his house killed something in Jack, and he never ceased to feel the tragic inner sense of loss”. London in an advertising campaign.

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