Sad essay about friendship

The Hideous Look On the Red Sad essay about friendship. The Worst President of All Time. Why is human nature so programmed to criticize?

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Why is it so much easier for us to find faults in things rather than praise them? Why do we dig and dig into someone’s life until we find the real dirt? Flipping through a magazine, most people will skip through the clean, positive articles and look for the ones with the most juice in them. Which celebrity is in jail now? What silly thing did the President say this time? Do President Obama’s beautiful and inspiring speeches ever become top hits on the internet?

Only videos of him stuttering or saying something that is bound to cause controversy will ever make it to the everyday conversations of most households. Shakira dedicated to humanitarian efforts? I think it is safe to say that the majority of people will not. Why do we find such pleasure in seeing the failures of others? We prove to be extremely hypocritical when we lose the object of our criticism. All of a sudden, we realize what we had and what we lost.

We honor the one we lost with countless memorials, we shed tears, and we tell our children about them. But all of that is pointless. What is the point of remembering the strengths of someone when he or she can no longer hear us? When it no longer matters, we open our hearts and sing songs of praise and love.

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