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Thr Characteristics of Tour Operators Copyright. I Do Not Own This Document. Domestic pets are a source of pleasure and fun. Most boys and girls love to keep pets.

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Pets help an individual to achieve a healthy state of mind and playing with our pets makes most of us happy. World’s Largest Collection of Essays! Canvas Child Temp 2 Theme 1. Publish your original essays now. Though dogs are the most preferred pets because of their faithfulness and honesty, but still there are thousands of cat lovers in the world.

It lives on the streets as well as in our houses and is one of our favourite pet animals. The cat’s body is covered with soft, silky hair and has four short legs and sharp claws hidden in the fleshy pads. Cats seldom make any noise while walking or running. Cats have bright eyes and they can even see in the dark. Cat is found all over the world and milk is cats favourite. Many people keep cats as their pets to scare away the mice.

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