Short essay on mobile phone

The term “base station site” might better reflect the increasing co-location short essay on mobile phone multiple mobile operators, and therefore multiple base stations, at a single site. Preserved treescapes can often hide cell towers inside an artificial tree or preserved tree. These installations are generally referred to as concealed cell sites or stealth cell sites. The frequency of signal in use.

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The directional characteristics of the site antenna array. Reflection and absorption of radio energy by buildings or vegetation. It may also be limited by local geographical or regulatory factors and weather conditions. Ensure that the overlap area is not too large, to minimize interference problems with other sites. In practice, cell sites are grouped in areas of high population density, with the most potential users. This capacity limitation is commonly the factor that determines the spacing of cell mast sites. In any case the limiting factor is the ability of a low-powered personal cell phone to transmit back to the mast.

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The concept of “maximum” range is misleading, however, in a cellular network. Just as a car radio changes from one local station to a completely different local station with the same frequency when you travel to another city, the same radio channel gets reused on a cell mast only a few miles away. To do this, the signal of a cell mast is intentionally kept at low power and in many cases tilted downward to limit its reach. This allows covering an area small enough not to have to support more conversations than the available channels can carry.

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