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This article is about the area of London. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Vauxhall – Nine Elms – Short essay on railway station – Pimlico at night.

Russian word for a large railway station. Since 1998, the categorical part of Vauxhall closest to its railway station has in planning policy been designated part of the Lambeth Borough’s north borough town centre housing many types of office, leisure and retail buildings. 1 km south of Charing Cross and 1. A map showing the Vauxhall ward of Lambeth Metropolitan Borough as it appeared in 1916. Faulke’s Hall, later Foxhall, and eventually Vauxhall. 1840, and mistook the name of the station for the generic name of the building type. London in 1844, was taken to see the trains at Vauxhall and made the same mistake.

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In 1838 a music and entertainment pavilion was constructed at the railway terminus. Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in London. The name soon came to be applied to the station itself, which was the gateway that most visitors used to enter the gardens. Russian language with the meaning of “amusement park” long before the 1840s and may be found, e. 1777 in the form фоксал, which may reflect an earlier English spelling, Faukeshall. Breauté’s lands reverted to the de Redvers family after his death in 1226. In 1293 South Lambeth Manor and the Manor of “la Sale Faukes” passed, probably by trickery, to Edward I.

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