The shining essay topics

Wherever we look, we find criminals and crime. Criminals have become a the shining essay topics of our daily lives.

Does this mean we let them be the darkness of our society? Eliminating crime and criminals is our duty, and we cannot ignore it. Getting the rightly accused to a just punishment is very important. Some criminals commit a crime because they have no other option to survive, but some do it for fun. A person, who stole bread from a grocery store, definitely does not deserve death penalty. However, a serial killer, who kills people for fun or for his personal gain, definitely deserves death penalty.

Death penalty should continue in order to eliminate the garbage of our society. Not everybody deserves to die, but some people definitely do. I support death penalty because of several reasons. Firstly, I believe that death penalty serves as a deterrent and helps in reducing crime. Secondly, it is true that death penalty is irreversible, but it is hard to kill a wrongly convicted person due to the several chances given to the convicted to prove his innocence. Thirdly, death penalty assures safety of the society by eliminating these criminals.

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Finally, I believe in “lex tallionis” – a life for a life. Deterrence means to punish somebody as an example and to create fear in other people for the punishment. Death penalty is one of those extreme punishments that would create fear in the mind of any sane person. Everybody fears death, even animals. Most criminals would think twice if they knew their own lives were at stake.

Although there is no statistical evidence that death penalty deters crime, but we have to agree that most of us fear death. Suppose there is no death penalty in a state and life imprisonment without parole is the maximum punishment. What is stopping a prisoner who is facing a life imprisonment without parole to commit another murder in the prison? Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. Capital Punishment Essay: Benefits of the Death Penalty. If he is, what would you want from the government if he had killed someone you know. He should receive the death penalty.

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Murderers and rapists should be punished for the crimes they have committed and should pay the price for their wrongdoing. Michigan become a state that uses the death penalty. Some people think that bringing the death penalty to Michigan would a good idea. Others think that doing this is stupid and would not be just and they should just go to jail.

Michigan should bring the death penalty here because it would decrease crime rate, benefit Michigan overall, and criminals who just got released from prison for murder could not go and kill another innocent person. Capital punishment is an effective and efficient method of deterring would be criminals and preventing criminals to commit more crimes. It is by far the oldest form of punishment in the world and remains in effect in many nations. Through discussing many arguments in support of capital punishment it is obvious why this method of punishment is so controversial and why it should remain in effect today, regardless of the negative criticism it garners. Capital punishment, better known as the death penalty, has been around for centuries. Like all elements of modern society, the death penalty has evolved over the course of many years. Initially, the death penalty was administered by a royal court or monarchy through brutal stoning.

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