To thine own self be true essay

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I wish that he should wish to please me. Diogenes raised himself up a little when he saw so many people coming towards him, and fixed his eyes upon Alexander. I were not Alexander, I would be Diogenes. What was it about a philosopher famous for living in a clay jar on the street, eschewing material possessions, and flaunting convention that so impressed the wealthy, empire-conquering king? Diogenes did not need to please Alexander because he needed nothing from him.

Not money, food, or shelter. More importantly, he didn’t need approval or blessings. Being as powerful and famous as he was, Alexander transformed everyone around him into sniveling sycophants. It’s no surprise that the self-reliance displayed by Diogenes’ contempt earned the king’s respect. Diogenes’ simple, ascetic lifestyle may seem to exemplify self-reliance, but these externals are not its essence. This doesn’t mean living in a void, it just means that we’re conscious about our relationship to the world and other people.

It’s not rejecting external advice outright, but trusting ourselves enough to sift through which advice is worthy. We’re aware of the agendas of others, and don’t let them sway us from our self-determined path. Self-reliance doesn’t necessarily mean rejecting all established customs and values, it just means experimenting with them so we know if they work for us. It’s putting stock in our inner wisdom. It was about maintaining sovereignty over the self in a connected, civilized world.

This is the kind of self-reliance, though exalted by the philosophers of the past, that remains acutely relevant today. In fact, there may never have been a time when developing this type of self-reliance has been more important. Advertisements are creeping further and further into our content, making them less obvious. The Internet has given us two or two-thousand sides to every story. Social media feeds allow our peers to weigh in on our every decision. The comment section of a blog post allows us to see what other people thought of an article before we’ve formed our own opinion. In order to operate effectively in this kind of autonomy-sapping environment, developing a strong sense of self-reliance is crucial.

Just as Emerson’s project of self-reliance didn’t mean withdrawing from the world, but engaging it differently, so will ours. We’re not interested in escaping society, but we don’t need to be subsumed by it either. We won’t be rejecting our culture wholesale, but taking a different, more intentional, centered, and effective stance towards it. Self-Reliance has been one of the most important pieces of writing in my life. I’ve read it at least once a year for a decade now, and each year it means something new. I hope the following ideas will inspire you to read the essay in its entirety. But the law of consciousness abides.

Self-Reliance means respecting our own experiences, ideas, and traits. It’s not an excuse to be lazy, immoral, confrontational, distant, or an asshole in general. It’s not an excuse to mock the ideals of others, be narcissistic, or hurt others in any way. It means taking on more responsibility, just a higher grade responsibility than we’re usually saddled with. Self-reliance is a call to be true to yourself in the most important way possible.

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