Wesleyan supplement essay 2018

Regardless of why YOU want to know which schools don’t require any supplemental essays, we’ve got you covered. Find our programs that fit YOU! When the Common Application came along with the premise of making the college application process easier than the many individual applications for each college, students wesleyan supplement essay 2018 teachers rejoiced.

Some schools however, are bucking the supplemental essay trend and relying only on the Common Application. Well, maybe because they’d like a LOT more applicants so they can have a more qualified pool from which to select. SURE, I’ll just throw one in because it’s easy. Whatever the case may be there are many great schools that don’t require supplemental essays. Regardless of why YOU want to know which schools don’t require any extra essays, we’ve got you covered. See below sample schools that don’t require extra essays this year. Your email address will not be published.

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