What caused the great depression dbq essay

The crash of the stock market began in October of 1929. Experts warned that stock prices were overvalued and thousands of investors pulled out of the what caused the great depression dbq essay market. By the 24th of that same month panic has begun to set in.

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With the panic came investors selling all of their stocks which caused stock prices to plummet in the New York Stock Exchange. The stock market crashed on Tuesday the 29th, also known as Black Tuesday. Thousands of people from all walks of life lost their life savings. By the end of the day several financiers had taken their own lives.

It was not the stock market crash alone that caused the Great Depression. There were major economic problems such as interdependent economic systems. The governments of Germany and Austria relied on the United States for loans to pay France and England reparations for WWI. Also the French and British governments depended on these reparation payments to pay back the United States for loans taken out during WWI.

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