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Free Social Work papers, essays, why social work essay research papers. It is imperative that social workers become knowledgeable about their clients’ cultures and are culturally sensitive.

In learning about their clients’ cultures, social workers need to be aware of how powerful and significant culture is in relating to clients’ behavior, values, and beliefs. Today, the concerns regarding cultural competency continue to accentuate the importance of preparing social workers for a diversified society. I always received great satisfaction from helping others. I remember at a young age, helping my grandmother with chores that she was no longer able to do for herself.

As I got older, my grandmother became more dependent on me. I helped her cook, clean, administer medication and made sure she kept her doctor appointments. I now see myself doing these same things for my mother and father as they get older. People tend to think of confrontation as being an argument or verbal conflict.

In essence, confrontations are perceived as negative actions, but confrontations are not meant to be negative. In the social service setting, confrontations are meant to ring something out in ht open in order to gain a better understanding. Confrontations are placed into three categories: 1. In the movie The Preacher kid, Angie King is a character who plays preacher daughter.

By her father been a preacher, she has values and rules that she must obey. Somewhere down the road Angie King decide that she doesn’t want to be label as a preacher child and follow her dad values and rules. King knows that she can’t handle all the circumstances and situations that she may occur out there on her own. This assignment is going to look into observation as a social work tool and skill.

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Firstly, it is going to briefly describe the observation. Secondly it will analyse the interactions using a reflective approach. And finally, it will look into some relevant social work skills and values that relate to the discussed topic. The observation exercise was carried out on the upper deck of a London Bus on a weekday evening and lasted approximately fifteen minutes. The subjects of the observation were a male in his late twenties that appeared to be of Afro-Caribbean origin and a female of a similar age with an Eastern European accent.

Reflecting back on my childhood, I always had a vivid imagination. I would imagine being a doctor, lawyer, or even the first female president of the United States of America. But, I never considered a career in social work. Over the years I realized that I like helping people, but my thoughts of what I wanted to be were indifferent. In high school my counselor had me do a career survey to see what may have interest me.

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