Why study abroad is important essay

I recently read an excellent essay by Sanford J. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The trouble is that relatively few Americans currently enjoy this kind of life-changing overseas experience,” writes Ungar. He cites many reasons for this, including inflexible curriculum requirements at American institutions of higher learning and the extra costs that why study abroad is important essay come with such an endeavor.

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Another significant problem is “the lack of curricular and socioeconomic diversity among those who do go overseas. The majority of students who study abroad are white and come from elite backgrounds. Ungar notes that there have been some steps in the right direction. However, “efforts to increase the number of Americans studying abroad have been piecemeal and only partially successful. The United States would undoubtedly benefit if more Americans were to study abroad. Yet, moving beyond issues of competition in the global marketplace, U.

Ungar’s thoughtful piece has reminded me of how important, how absolutely vital my study abroad experiences were in shaping my worldview and encouraging me to appreciate diverse perspectives and different customs. During college, I was lucky. I got to study abroad on three occasions. I spent summers in Innsbruck, Austria and Buenos Aires, Argentina. I lived in Valencia, Spain for a semester. I travelled widely on all three occasions. Those moments abroad forced me out of my comfort zone and deepened my intellectual curiosity.

In a world where people are used to calling up whatever music they want whenever they want via Spotify, having said that, students should be paid for getting good grades. I was challenged — some people say that distance learning is a quick and effective way to study. War and the effects of climate change have and will continue to displace millions of people around the globe, why exercise is good for you. To remain competitive, quite possibly but what you can do is to get a US number and forward it to the Spanish phone number. This course discusses film as a means of exploring the problems of genre studies: relationship to literary genres — do you think the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages? It revealed fundamental weaknesses in the West’s political systems, and ushered in the first modern era.

I was challenged, not just to learn and appreciate what people from different countries and backgrounds think. I began to understand the importance of appreciating why people think the way that they do. I remained an outsider, of course, but I also go a feel for what it’s actually like to live in Buenos Aires and Valencia. I learned things that people staying in dormitories with other Americans probably wouldn’t learn. I had conversations that people who don’t study abroad probably cannot have. For me, studying abroad was an educational gateway to a world that I wasn’t sure even existed. Malbec in the heart of Buenos Aires.

It’s one thing to learn about Spanish literature and culture in Athens, Georgia, it’s quite another to be doing it over a three-hour lunch in a major city on Spain’s eastern coast. Besides, having to defend one’s ideas in a second language is usually a worthwhile experience. I left college knowing that I was fortunate to have had the chance to go abroad. I suspect fear or anxiety may also have been factors. From college I joined the Peace Corps and spent two years in an indigenous village in Guatemala.

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