You strike a woman you strike a rock essay

What an unfortunate term, she said. After all, don’t fathers worry about how you strike a woman you strike a rock essay their wives and babies can stay in the hospital when they need care?

Don’t men want to be able to take time off when a family member is gravely ill? Don’t they want to ensure that their elderly parents have health-care coverage in the later stages of life? In place of feminization, Mrs. Clinton suggested the maturing of politics or the humanization of society. You can understand her frustration: Feminization is a term people throw around without ever being specific about its meaning.

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But there really is no other word for the multilayered phenomenon that has come to characterize our politics, our marketplace, and our media. Women’s clout is no longer latent, even if the leading apostles of feminism still claim it is. As society is currently constituted, women are the sex primus inter pares, first among equals, in politics, business, and the media. This year especially, from NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics to the political conventions, the effort to appeal to American women as a group has been a driving force in the culture. Hillary Clinton recently lashed out at those who have detected a ” feminization” of American society.

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What an unfortunate term,” she said. In place of “feminization,” Mrs. Sorry, you’ve reached the limit on the articles you can view. You can understand her frustration: “Feminization” is a term people throw around without ever being specific about its meaning. The “feminization of America” is a paradox. It is a triumph of the feminist movement — and a sign of anti-feminist backlash. It represents a new level of respect for women’s strength and independence — and a patronizing calculation about female gullibility and weakness.

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